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Advanced Botulinum Toxin Type A and Dermal Fillers Course




•To provide an overview on the use of Botulinum Toxin Type A (BTX) and HA Dermal Fillers (DF) for cosmetic uses.




•Name the principal muscles involved in the treatment of the advanced areas of the face and neck using BTX.


•Name the layers of the epidermis and describe the therapeutic effects of DF, including their limitations when used as a cosmetic treatment.


•Define the mode of action of BTX and DF, explaining their therapeutic effects including limitations of use and any concerns with toxicology.


•Select patients suitable for BTX and DF, identifying contra-indications and cautions, side effects and possible adverse reactions.


•State any pre-treatment care and recognise the need for consent.  


•Identify the need for topical or local anaesthesia and demonstrate its safe administration.


•Demonstrate the safe use of BTX in the brow lift, lower eye lid, nose (bunny lines), cheeks, gummy smiles, lower/upper lip wrinkling, chin, neck, and under arm sweating, including the correct equipment, dose and injection techniques.


•Demonstrate the safe use of DF in shaping eyebrows, treating the mid face, (tear trough, cheek bones and cheeks), lower third of face (lips, mandible and chin re-shaping), including the correct equipment, dose and injection techniques.


•Summarise with appropriate written and verbal aftercare advice to patients who have received BTX and DF.


•Demonstrate the appropriate use of clinical record taking and recall good practice in relation to handling complaints.


•Describe safe storage and disposal methods for products and equipment used.


•Explain the insurance requirements to practise these treatments.  


Learning Content:


•To train Doctors, dentists and registered general nurses in the administration of BTX and DF for advanced areas of the face and neck.

Beginners' Botox® Filler Objectives PDF